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We are continuing to keep up with COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. Know that everything possible will be done by the arenas / tourney staff to ensure we have a safe environment for players & families.

Fortunately North Dakota has not been affected by COVID-19 as adversely as other areas of the country.

May 1, the State of North Dakota began the “re-opening process”, including restaurants, bars, etc. In North Dakota, they can now have public gatherings of up to 500 people.

Having said all that, we realize there is now a “new normal”. Therefore, we want to communicate with you some of the protocols we will be instituting to provide a “safe environment” at tournament.

Pre-screening: We ask that all players have their temperature taken and conduct self screening for COVID-19 symptoms immediately prior to departing for tournament. Should you have a high temperature above 100.4F and / or COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you: NOT come.

Things to bring: HAND SANITIZER. WATER BOTTLE – with name on it.